Paula Moxham Imirzian



Paula grew up in the north of England and was transplanted to the USA many years ago. She earned a BA in Fine Arts with a concentration in painting, and an MFA in Visual Art from Vermont College of Fine Arts. She works in many mediums; oil and acrylic paint, ink, collage, animation, and digital painting.


My recent work resides at the intersection of biotechnology and art as I investigate the body and its environment, with a focus at the molecular level. I am concerned with how we humans - as well as the organisms around us - can be manipulated and controlled at the cellular level without our full knowledge and perhaps changed beyond repair.

By relying upon information that is often diluted and diminished through mass media, our view of complicated scientific information is at best simplistic. The complex nature of science leaves us in a grey area of not having complete information about our world. Nevertheless, while we remain uninformed, amazing scientific advances take place. Perhaps some of these advances wouldn?t happen if we were truly informed? Or perhaps they might happen in ways that could be more productive or responsible?

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