Paula Moxham Imirzian


Digital Paintings and Charcoal Sketches

The digital paintings interpret journalistic headlines found in newspapers or on the web

Drive by Northern UK 10x7 Charcoal


Drive by West MI 10x7 Charcoal



 Babies with 3 Genetic parents

Digital Painting


Stems Cells from Muscle Repair Nerve Damage  

Digital Painting

Drive by Northern MI 10x7 Charcoal


Drive by Lake district 10x7 Charcoal



Neglected parasitic Infections in the US 

Digital Painting 


Lab grown Bladders 

Digital Painting 






Drive by Dominican 10x7 Charcoal


Drive By Modern Tree 10x7 Charcoal



Human Organs Grown in Animals 

Digital Painting 


Minorities, the Uninsured get more MRSA 

  Digital Painting